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I have been privileged to teach at Indiana University, Stony Brook University, The City College of New York and William Paterson University in New Jersey.  As well as many private students in my private studio in New York City. I have also presented masterclasses at Rowan University, West Chester University, The City College of New York, Duquesne University, and the Summertrios Festival.


At any level – be it pre-professional or beginner, the most important thing to me is the joy of creating music. I strive to show students what makes music magical and to inspire their enthusiasm. Taking this enthusiasm, I work with students to deepen their understanding of stylistic phrasing and sound. Proper understanding of the anatomy of the arm and fingers is the beginning of any technical work. These two areas work together for the student to learn how to make the best musical and technical choices from a place of knowledge.


Maya and Noam Sivan perform at Cripa Hall, Auroville universal township, South India

Listen at Auroville Radio

Maya Hartman and Noam Sivan perform at Auroville universal township, South India

"When my son became interested in playing the piano, we were lucky to find Maya!  She is a wonderful teacher, patient and kind while challenging her students to do their best. He always looks forward to his lessons, and we are all pleased with his improvement." 

Enid Graham


The piano is a wonderful instrument on which to learn music. The sound is immediate and simple to produce. Very quickly students can start to use both hands to play more than one note at a time and hear harmonies and intervals. We notice the important elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony and form and are able to understand and produce them on different levels of complexity, as appropriate to the student. Playing the piano develops our ability to listen, the mind-finger connection, and is a beautiful outlet for our emotions. Mastering the technical challenges of the piano and learning new things gives students a sense of true accomplishment, which is a gift that remains for life. Most of all, playing the piano is fun and is a unique way of connecting to ourselves and to others!

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